General terms and conditions and privacy policy - personal data

After reading this statement and making an appointment at Virginia's Pedicure & Wellness, you agree to my terms and conditions, are familiar with my prices and my privacy policy.
I handle your personal data with care. Occasionally, I update my general terms and conditions and privacy policy. For example, when something changes in laws and regulations.


General Terms and Conditions:

General delivery and payment terms Virginia's Pedicure & Wellness

  1. To ensure that the administrative and financial side of your treatment also runs as smoothly as possible, you will find my general terms and conditions here. When you seek treatment, a so-called 'treatment agreement' is formed. Naturally, this treatment agreement results in the obligation to compensate your therapist for services rendered. The conditions below apply unconditionally to all treatment agreements between patient and practitioner, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. In case of a follow-up appointment, relating to a previous agreement, these provisions also apply. Spanish law applies to all assignments/agreements.
  2. Billing is done directly to you immediately after the treatment. You can pay the invoice in cash or by bankcard in my salon.
  3. The cost of treatment of a patient under 16 years of age is payable by the legal representative. A patient aged 16 or 17 is liable for the cost of treatment himself, unless the legal representative has confirmed in writing to pay the cost.
  4. Appointments made can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance. I reserve the right to charge for appointments that are missed without timely cancellation or cancelled within 48 hours before the appointment.
  5. Complaints, if you have a complaint, do not hesitate to make it known. I will try to reach a solution together with you. You can do this verbally, but also by e-mail:​
  6. I am not liable for missing, lost or damaged your belongings or for any other damage suffered by you.



You agree that the information requested from you of specific personal data will be stored according to the enumeration below.

In 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation ("Regulation" or "AVG") is directly applicable in all European Union member states.


The purpose of the Regulation is to safeguard two interests:

  1. The protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of their data.
  2. The free movement of personal data within the European Union ('EU').

Because of this new law, it is important - both for you and for me - that you know what I, as a pedicurist to carry out responsible foot treatment, need to record about you.


I authorise my pedicure, Virginia Coolen of Virginia's Pedicure & Wellness to record the following data in his/her automation system/customer database.

I consent to the inclusion of my N.A.W. data such as name, address, place of residence, telephone number, email address etc., necessary for administration, billing and contacts with other (medical) persons such as carer, (district) nurse , podiatrist and/or collaborating fellow pedicure.


I give permission for my foot complaints to be recorded and noted on a digital foot chart for the proper treatment/care of my foot problem(s). Also for collegial consultation and/or possible referral to the treating (GP) and/or other (medical) disciplines.

I consent to the recording of my medical data which are of great importance for foot treatment such as allergy, skin problems, heart problems (use of blood thinners), having diabetes, form of rheumatism, vascular problems, neuropathy, treatment with cytostatics (chemotherapy) etc.

I consent to the possible digital taking and recording of photographs of my foot problem with regard to monitoring the progress of treatment and possibly for collegial consultation and/or referral to other (medical) disciplines.

I have the right to revoke the consents given for this purpose at any time for any reason. My aforementioned pedicurist will also have to notify third parties who are/were necessarily involved in the service.