Chinflex® Chinese foot(reflex)massage

Chinflex® Chinese foot (reflex) massage is beneficial for body and mind!

It is a massage based on the old original foot massage principles in which the feet, lower legs and knees are massaged intensively. Various acupuncture points are treated during the massage. The Chinese have been applying foot massages for almost 4,000 years, with very good results.

Chinflex voetmassage

The great success of Chinflex® massage comes from combining two systems into one.
The areas on the feet are massaged. The whole body (all organs, muscles and tissues) is reflected in the feet. Massaging the zones improves blood circulation in the corresponding organs. As a result, these start functioning better.
The meridians and acupuncture points on the feet, lower legs and knees are also massaged. Meridians together with their acupuncture points form an energetic system in the body through which they can supply the entire body with energy.
The combination of these two systems makes this massage particularly effective and has a pleasant, relaxing effect. During the relaxing Chinflex massage, the body and mind come to complete rest and the flow of energy in the body is stimulated. Afterwards, one feels relaxed, fit and vital.

Chinflex voetmassage


The Chinflex® Chinese foot and lower leg massage lasts about 40 minutes and consists of:

  • intensive massage of the meridians and acupuncture points on the knees, lower legs and feet. Please wear loose trousers so that the knees are free.
  • after the foot massage, a glass of water to eliminate waste products


Voetreflex zones